About / Lady Suzette I. Gayle

Suzette I. Gayle, along with her husband Pastor Darren D. Gayle, is co-founder of The Family Life Worship Center in Port St. Lucie, Florida, one of the fastest growing churches on the Treasure Coast, established with only six members in the year of 2006.

Devoted to her church family and advancing the cause of Christ in all aspects of life, Suzette is an empowered woman of God with boundless faith, keen intelligence and a wealth of grace and wisdom that she freely shares with compassion and humility.

Born in Jamaica and raised in Toronto, Canada, Suzette foundation for ministry is deeply rooted in the apostolic doctrine and anointing. Ministry preparation has afforded many years of opportunities and experience for Suzette. She served as Youth Pastor and Sunday School Coordinator at the Grace Mount Zion Apostolic Church in Scarborough, Ontario.  Inspired by God, she began an intercessory prayer group with five people at her home in 1993.  The prayer group multiplied, then transitioned to another couple’s home where it eventually birthed into the Grace Mount Zion Apostolic Church.

Preparation for ministry continued for Suzette while in Toronto, she attended Seneca College, where she graduated with a degree in business administration and finance.  Greater opportunities afforded success as she continued her education at the Mount Zion Apostolic College, where she majored in Christian Education and in Theology.

The covenant blessing of marriage to her best friend and confidant, Darren D. Gayle in 1999, relocated Suzette, a pioneer and visionary, to Queens, N.Y., where she and her husband attended Christ Church International under the leadership of Bishop Joseph Nathaniel Williams.  Suzette faithfully served as a prayer leader and altar worker, and also taught at the Christ Church International School of Ministry for three years.

While in New York, Suzette worked at The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of Queen, N.Y., working closely with The Rev. Drs. Floyd and Elaine Flake, serving in numerous administrative capacities for five years.  The Favor of God graced Suzette with an unique opportunity to be mentored by the former congressman and his beautiful wife.  “They are exceptional leaders, and left an indelible mark on me,” stated Suzette, “with the Rev. Elaine Flake being a woman I respect highly, one of wisdom and much grace, of whom I am blessed to have covenant relationship and seek occasionally for counsel.

With honor and much respect, Suzette acknowledges and shares her gratitude for the life, love, discipleship and support of Bishop Joseph Nathaniel Williams of Christ Church International in Queens, New York, the Apostolic Covering of both she and her husband, and The Family Life Worship Center.

“Lady Suzette,” as she is affectionately called by covenant partners, mentors, provides counsel, guidance and executive oversight to several ministries of The Family Life Worship Center, including Children’s and Youth Ministries,  HealthCare Services, Five-Star Women Ministry, Altar Workers, Intercessory Prayer, and Storehouse and Girls’ Rites of Passage, a mentoring program for teens.

In addition to her ministerial duties, Suzette is the president of Family Life Community Outreach Center, Inc., a ministry designed to connect community needs with resources to improve the quality of life for Treasure Coast residents.  Suzette also helps manage her husband’s evangelistic enterprise, Darren Gayle Ministries, Inc.

Lady Suzette Gayle’s arms extend beyond church walls.  She is affiliated and collaborates with many Non-Profit and Community agencies such as, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, successfully helping families with loan modification which prevented foreclosures; a beneficiary member of the Treasure Coast Advocacy for seniors in Port Saint Lucie, and Council of Social Agencies, Inc., which assists with the enhancement of health and human services in the geriatric community, to name a few.

Dedicated to the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, Suzette was recognized for helping to organize a group of sponsors for the Treasure Coast Memory Walk, raising awareness and hoping to cure this disease.

A successful entrepreneur, Suzette is the Chief Executive Officer of LSG Enterprise, where she creates and produces her own marinates and seasonings. She is also an Independent Consultant with Financial Education Services, Credit Repair and Protection Company.

Elder Suzette and Pastor Darren D. Gayle are the proud parents of two children, Justin Isaiah and Janaé Emaree.