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Once upon a time, there was a man and his wife that lived in Queens, New York where they attended Christ Church International serving faithfully and feverishly under the dynamic leadership of their pastor, Bishop Joseph N. Williams. The man had a thriving, anointed evangelistic, prophetic ministry that was becoming under high demand both in the United States and abroad. His wife was an administrator at The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York, where she served in a variety of capacities under the tutelage of The Reverends Drs. Floyd and Elaine Flake. It became imminently clear that the deposits made through their submission and servitude to their leaders allowed them to grow and be trusted of the Lord to shift into another dimension of ministry as the accepted the clarion call to the pastorate.

After much prayer, deliberation, and consultation with their leaders and mentors, they carefully sought the Lord for the location and timing of this Divine work. South Florida began to be impressed in the man’s spirit. The wife began to receive revelation of the ministry as being a place where worship would be central and families would be nurtured from the cradle to the grave; thus, while she lovingly cared for her family, the Lord placed the name “The Family Life Worship Center” within her spirit. By faith and with the blessings of their spiritual father, Bishop Williams, they relocated to Port Saint Lucie, Florida with their children and a vision from the Lord for a ministry in a place that they knew not, much like Abraham and Sarah in the Old Testament.

After the relocation, God began to open doors within the community as the man and his wife began to strategize and evangelize. They were able to secure a Wednesday night service in a small room in the Port Saint Lucie Community Center. It was extremely important that they set the tone for the ministry by first establishing the initial services as a time of intercessory prayer and Bible teaching. When the couple started in Room F, there were 2 other members besides themselves and their children, no equipment and few finances but they had limitless faith and a gigantic vision for the ministry.

Eventually, the souls began to trickle in and they began to pack Room F on a more consistent basis. Sunday morning services were instituted in order to serve the needs of the fledgling ministry. They moved across the hall to the Multi-purpose Room for Sunday services and the Tot Room for Bible Study, another room in the building, in order to accommodate the growing numbers. Little by little, equipment was purchased, a praise team was formed, and a trustee board was created as God continued to develop The Family Life Worship Center. Exponential growth was prophesied over the house time and time again. By the time the lease was up at the Community Center, the Lord had already began to deal with the man not to renew it, but to seek elsewhere to house those who were to come and align themselves with the ministry. A door then opened for TFLWC to have divine worship on Sundays at the brand new Port Saint Lucie Civic Center until they could find a church building.

As souls were being added numerically and spiritually to the ministry, the man and his wife earnestly sought the Lord for the next stop on the way to the church that God had showed them many years

ago in New York. In February 2011 with nearly 100 members strong, TFLWC shifted once again into a beautiful building that they have access to where they can worship God, equip and empower the people of God, and provide more services to the saints and the community. Thus far, TFLWC has already transcended beyond the walls of Room F in the Community Center and the Multi-purpose Room at the Civic Center. This man and his wife are none other than Pastor Darren D. Gayle and First Lady Suzette I. Gayle. They have meticulously created an atmosphere that promotes family, worship, abundant life and community. They humbly, wholeheartedly serve as spiritual parents and mentors to nearly 200 members, covenant friends to local, national and international ministry gifts and a mecca to those seeking restoration and holistic ministry. From a group of 6 who multitasked and synergized to well over twenty ministries in full function, TFLWC is well on its way to making its mark for the kingdom of God.